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Our co-founder Janine Licare planting a rainforest tree, photo by Marianne Coates

Our co-founder Janine Licare planting a rainforest tree,  photo by Marianne Coates

Kids Saving the Rainforest (KSTR) began in 1999 in Manuel Antonio, Costa Rica when Janine Licare and Aislin Livingstone were 9 years old.  Janine and Aislin saw the rainforest disappearing from their beloved home and the negative impact of this on the animals, particularly the mono titi monkeys. They were kids inspired to save the precious rainforest and voila, our name became Kids Saving the Rainforest!

Click here to view our fabulous new KSTR video prepared with the support of the LATA foundation by Ben Ashmole: Share with your friends via social media and use our video to show folks why they should support Kids Saving the Rainforest in a HUGE WAY. Thank you, LATA!

In Costa Rica and in the US Corporations have continued to match employee contributions generously in 2014 and will continue with ongoing and new donations this year.  Thank you for your tax deductible matching donations! Contact us if you’re interested in qualifying us for your employer’s program!

In Costa Rica if you find injured wildlife please call 506-4033-0091 or text via KSTR Vet: 8924-3021 /WHATSAPP  OR email piadvm@kstr.org. Thank you for helping us to help wildlife in the rainforest! 




Help Kids Saving the Rainforest saves orphan sloths.   We have come together with the Manuel Antonio community as well as the international rescue and rehab community to institute a groundbreaking new sloth rescue and release system.

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Check out this article about KSTR in the Huff Post! How Two Nine Year Old Girls Saved the Rainforests of Costa Rica!  

KSTR has 501 (c)(3) U.S. non-profit organization status and has grown by leaps and bounds since our humble beginnings. Our programs include these and more:  Monkey Bridge Program– with 130 bridges over the roads in the area, the endangered Titi Monkey population has gone from only 1200 to 3700! Check out our recent report:  Monkey Bridge Report 2012  KSTR Wildlife Rescue Center Trimestral Report Jan- Mar 2015  KSTR Wildlife Rescue Center     View our new Wildlife Rescue Photo Gallery!   KSTR Wildlife Rescue Center Annual Stats 2013  KSTR Wildlife Sanctuary   View the NEW Wildlife Sanctuary Gallery!  New! Wildlife Sanctuary Tour – We invite you to take this special Wildlife Sanctuary Tour.  See the dedication and love it takes to help save these rainforest animals in our sanctuary—over 130 animals every year. Volunteer Program

Tit monkey, photo courtesy of Marianne Coates info@mariannecoatesphotography.com

KSTR continues to grow and expand and our current priority is to connect with more concerned people to help support the continued operation of our enormously successful  animal rehabilitation program.  We have created a solution that works for the community as well as the animals of Manuel Antonio, Costa Rica, and we need your support.

While KSTR continues to coordinate these exciting  projects plus furthering our ongoing relationships with schools around the world and taking part in international research projects, we need financial help to support the Rescue Center and Sanctuary. Please visit our Donation and Adoption page to see how to help in the way that inspires you the most! Donations to our 501(3)C US non-profit organization are 100% tax deductible.  The animals of the rainforest and future generations thank you!

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Kids Saving the Rainforest,
a tax deductible 501(3)C US non-profit and a Costa Rican non-profit